Marketing for Energy Services

Marketing for energy services companies can be a tricky venture. On one side of the coin you have a largely open canvas on a local level, that when approached by energy marketing professionals, can be exploiting quite easily. On the other side of the coin you have sub-verticals within energy services that are incredible competitive on a national or even international scale.

But that’s already getting a bit technical so let me explain the differences between marketing for energy services companies in local or international/national markets.

When you target locally it means your marketing efforts are directed at wherever you have field offices or any sort of physical location. It can include outlining service areas also. So to give you and example you might have a hydraulic repair shop in Fort McMurray however you service surrounding areas within a 100km radius. This would be your local coverage. As for how you target this area…well that a whole other post entirely but what we can say is that the majority of local SEO is done within GMB (Google My Business).

marketing for energy services
Marketing for Energy Services

And then we have the big kahuna which is nationally and internationally. The difficult progresses exponentially between them both actually. Think about targeting “sampling and analysis in Canada” in as opposed to just “sampling and analysis” in – there is a massive difference and although both would require a dedication to a long strategy on the timescale, on the international level you’d be looking at 10x the budget of targeting nationally and 35x the price of local SEO. Of course this largely depends on the target keywords you’re wanting to rank for.

When sourcing energy leads one has to be educated on a number of criteria including but not limited to competitor strength, domain strength (age/history) and obviously the competitiveness of the target keywords you want to rank for.

In local SEO using Google My Business, before starting one must perform an indepth audit of their citations (local) and that of their top competitors. Citations in regards to local SEO are the equivalent to a link in typical SEO like that of targeting nationally or internationally. Local citations come in many forms including embed maps, directory listings (Yelp YellowPages etc.), social media (IE: Linkedin) and address mentions. These are what really make your local SEO hum.