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When it comes to marketing within the energy services sector, there is a large void absent of concern when there really should be. More and more every day, energy services companies are starting to understand that without it they cannot compete against their competitors. But you can’t paint “marketing” with a broad brush and call it a day. So here are the key elements to success when marketing for energy services.

industry marketing prioritiesFirst focus of any energy services company should be SEO (search engine optimization). The reason why this marketing is a key element to your success is in the fact that when a potential client searches Google for any particular energy service, whichever company has focused on SEO will appear first. Companies that pay no attention to SEO will lose out on gaining new clients looking for immediate solutions. An example might be “Google what mobile boiler companies are near me?

Second is your professional social media presence particularly no the world’s top foremost leader in the field, Linkedin. This platform can single-handedly make or break your company. It is often referred to as the professionals network. Here is where you’ll find all the decision makers in O&G and having access to them is critical to the success of your business.

Thirdly is lead generation. Here we have a special focus on what is called inbound marketing. By definition that is…

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding. Wikipedia

the benefits

Local Dominance

Local SEO is easily the top benefit to any online marketing strategy implementing it. Essentially having the power to appear first whenever someone searches for energy services in your area…GOLDEN!


When potential clients start to see your brand popping up everywhere they go, that lends immense credibility to your company and as we all know in O&G, trust is everything.

Lead Acquisition

Not only does lead flow increase but your lead acquisition costs will begin to drop. We’ve studied and perfected the best social media outlets and ad strategies to not only increase leads but to also cut your cost per lead.


Having a great marketing strategy is great and all but what truly defines the greatest strategies are ones that can scale with your corporate visions. All of our marketing strategies are truly scalable to suit your needs.

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Proven Results

With over 20 years experience in online marketing and SEO, we’ve developed the most effective ranking strategies for energy services company in the world. Give us a call!

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No Pressure

High pressure sales isn’t us. Our sales model is simple, provide excellent results for minimal costs and client satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a try today!

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Comparatively we are incredibly affordable. Especially when compared to our results. We’ve become known in the industry as the best “bang for your buck”.

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