We’ve Got NEW Tech in Social Media Management!

We’ve got huge news with regards to our social media management department. As many of you know we manage Linkedin accounts for energy services companies throughout Canada and the US. In fact back over 15 years ago we were already pioneering lead generation via Linkedin. In 2009, Don Halbert wrote the book on Linkedin and was contracted to speak to top brass at both GE and Sony Ericsson on the subject.

Well truth is…we’ve never stopped reinventing the wheel when it comes to this incredible platform and how to exploit it to our clients advantage to both increase exposure and generate clients and bond valuable relationships.

Today we are happy to announce we’ve created our own in-house Linkedin automation platform and CRM for generating valuable connections within O&G for our energy services clientele. So what’s that all mean? Well our recent client had just 1k connections and within a few months we’d grown this to over 5k all connections in the energy spectrum.

Admit it most people just create a Linkedin profile and forget about it. That’s a big mistake and be costly if your competitors realize this oversight on your behalf and beat you to the bid on jobs you could’ve gotten had you not been asleep at the wheel.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about how we can help blow the roof off your Linkedin account and grow your exposure to levels never before realized.

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