What is GMB and Why Should you Care?

I’d like to start this post by mentioning that there is an alarming number of energy services companies that continue to ignore GMB even after they are told both what it is and how important it is to their business’s future.

So what is GMB? It stands for Google My Business.

GMB is a business listing within Google that appears in Google Maps and often times at the top of search pages when people search for energy services companies in their immediate area. A couple visuals to understand further how GMB works, in favor of a few, and how it can also work against you…read on…

Let’s imagine for a second that you run a hydraulic cylinder repair shop in Houston, Texas. Chances are your business is in fact listed in GMB already the problem is though, you likely don’t own it!

Google crawls all over the internet looking for business locations so that they can then automatically add them to GMB and subsequently in to Google Maps. By all intents purposes the listing looks legit – it has your business address, maybe phone number, reviews and even a photo of your shop. However but because no one has actually claimed ownership rights to your business, anyone can step and do it. Even a competitor.


This actually happens more often than anyone would like to admit and once someone else claims your business it can be a tedious and arduous time consuming process to verify you are the rightful owner. Or worse you might go years without knowing while some competitor decided to claim your business out of spite and is no responding to all your customer reviews in a nasty way and risking your business’s reputation unhindered.

Are you beginning to see how bad this could get? And for that reason, for the life of me I cannot understand why any business would shrug this off as being not important or worse a cold call for marketing services, and ignore it. But yet it happens. Each and every day energy services businesses are ignoring GMB, largely I’d imagine cause they don’t understand it yet, all the while their business suffers.

Now let’s talk about why GMB is so important and how it can help you attract more business.

When people search Google or ask their phones or Alexa/Google devices for things like “hydraulic cylinder repair shops near me”, they get an immediate response featuring local GMB listings. However, if you haven’t claimed ownership of your business it will never be suggested by Google to anyone. Furthermore if you have ignored your GMB listing and have no reviews, no listings of your services or hours of operation, again, Google will not show your business. You know what they will show? Your competitor. The one who took the time to pay attention to GMB and realizes the importance it holds in bringing more customers to his/hers business.

In closing I’d just like to say that whether you do anything, or learnt anything from reading this article, please just make sure your GMB is claimed by its rightful owner. And if you aren’t sure how to make that happen I’d be happy to help you. My name is Don Halbert and my contact details can be found here: https://energyservicesmarketing.com/contact-us/